Empowering your engineers to make the most out of Cloud Native.

We offer training sessions for all parts of your Development and Engineering teams to help them get the most out of your Cloud Native transformation.

We offer the following courses:

Introductory courses

  • Git and Github deep dive - submodules, actions and more!
  • Introduction to containers - docker, docker-compose, skaffold, Dockerfile best practices and more!
  • Introduction to Kubernetes - provisioning a local cluster, deployments, scaling, networking and more!

Cloud Native

  • Infrastructure as code - Terraform, Pulumi, Atlantis and more!
  • GitOps - flux, argocd, and more!
  • Service meshes and networking deep dive - Istio, cert-manager and more!


  • Kubernetes application development for Frontend Engineers.
  • Kubernetes application development for Backend Engineers.
  • Kubernetes application development for Data Engineers and Data scientists.


  • Kubernetes cluster administration.
  • Security and Secret Management in Kubernetes.
  • Monitoring and visibility in Kubernetes.